A Scientific approach to spirituality

We call this the age of enlightenment because of the great steps we have taken towards a scientific understanding of the universe, and yet in embracing science in all areas of life we have discarded much of the important spiritual wisdom of the past.

Imagine if all the power of science could be applied to the workings of our consciousness and the metaphysical nature of the universe — if we had a rational and scientific system of experiencing love, happiness, wisdom and the enlightenment that comes from higher states of consciousness.

In fact, a scientific approach to spirituality is essential for the fulfilment of our deepest desire — that of infinite love, happiness or what in yoga is known as bliss. This includes, at the same, taking care of our physical and mental requirements. So a rational and scientific approach to spirituality is inherent within a proper and effective socio-economic paradigm.

The system of life that can lead us to physical, mental and spiritual fulfilment has been around for millennia, and we are dedicated to researching, studying, practicing and promoting it as a technique that can be taught and used in our own lives.

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