The Phoenix pond Community

A micro-community in Hamilton Hill, Perth, Western Australia with the vision of demonstrating a community way of life that can be accessible to people wherever they are.  The phoenix pond has gradually grown and developed – not so much in size, but in becoming a more and more exciting and interesting place to spend time.  Check out the facebook page for events or come around and visit.

Charnushka Klezmer Band

Passionate, emotional traditional music that makes you want to dance.  Check them out here

Cooperative Business Facilitation

We believe in helping everyone to achieve their potential, and that in order to build a powerful cooperative society we have to support each persons dreams and visions.  On the small scale this means business facilitation for small businesses and startups, on the larger scale it is working with community organisations and launching new cooperative ventures.  Read more about it here

Consciousness in Action Seminars

Spiritual principles applied to daily life – how can we have beautiful harmonious relationships, solve the environmental and social problems, be happy, and healthy etc.  Bring together practical and inspiring wisdom to help people wherever they need help.

The Djedi School

Spiritual education based on learning to feel and manipulate the vital force – of course we are inspired by Star Wars here, but also looking for an approach to spirituality that is encompassing and inclusive, and doesn’t conflict with the existing religions and traditions, while at the same time being deep and authentic.

Permaculture Politics

A political party based on the ideas of community and permaculture, and other related approaches supporting cooperative and community approaches.