We think there is a lack of effective and affordable holistic healing.  With such a wonderful selection of methods around these days holistic healing should be available to all of us, and we should be living in a much higher level of vitality than we are.  However it is hard to find reliable effective healing and it is often quite expensive.

That’s why we offer a few select treatments that can be very effective, and offered at an affordable rate.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a body work system developed in Geelong, Australia by Tom Bowen – he could never explain how he developed this system except to say that it is “a gift from God”.  Bowen Therapy is fantastic for deep profound change.  It does not deal with particular local issues, but with transforming the whole system – not just the whole body, but mind and spirit as well.  The treatment takes half an hour to 45 minutes, and most of that time is spent lying still experiencing the effects of the few minor massage techniques that are used.  After a session the client experiences ongoing changes over the next week.

After the first week people experience small changes, and each week small changes again, but over the space of a month generally we expect to see profound life changes – people find more joy, resolve physical issues, make changes in the way they live their lives – etc.

Bowen Therapy sessions cost $100 per month for weekly treatments.

Theta Healing

Theta healing is another modern system of holistic healing.  It is great for dealing with emotional issues and obstacles.  It can often profoundly help with physical issues as well, but always through the medium of understanding your mental and emotional issues, and resolving them.

A theta session starts with a conversation about your emotional issues – seeking to find the key issue or issues that are holding you back.  Once these are isolated a meditation process is used that quickly and easily resolves those issues.  Clients often experience a deep sense of peace.

If you have a particular issue in mind it should be possible to resolve that issue in one Theta session.  Repeat sessions will be dealing with other issues.

Theta healing sessions cost $50 per session