About Us

Hey there! 

We are Sprout Coop, a Thai Social Enterprise(SE)! 

We are building a hybrid Online and Brick & Mortar Cooperative following the great concepts and ideals of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX. 

Bringing together the Mindset, System, and Tools for a more sustainable economic growth is tackling the 21st Century’s social and environmental issues. 

 The Mindset

Social Enterprise 

As a Social Enterprise, our values & philosophy aim to make a positive impact on the Thai Community, while interconnecting and inspiring

A Social Enterprise(SE) is a legal framework under the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, we follow the 2019 Social Enterprise Promotion Act, regulating our compliance, taxation, and governance.

Why Sprout,Coop?

Sprout represents the seed growing, while coop is short for “Cooperative”, the business model for a better world!


The way to a fair future for everyone is long and torturous, but even the oldest and strongest trees start from a Sprout…

The System

Coop and Cooperative?

A Cooperative is a known model that relies on the community’s interests, the members and the users are integral parts of the decision-making and governance. 

At Sprout Coop, we are persuaded that the Cooperative Model is the future-proof option to solution our global, environmental & social problems while pursuing stable and fair economical value-creation. 

A Global Coop implies that our systems resonate as a Worldwide Community, questioning the root of issues and resolve them as a Global Society. 

The current dominant system, capitalism, only praises individual, competitive and concentric economic behaviors. The result is an economical Race for Profit… leading to entropy, to wasted energy, the contrary of sustainability. 


T77 Community

For starting any Cooperative, you need to grow a Community united around certain values and objectives… Ours starts in Bangkok, at Sukhumvit T77. We are proud to be implemented there and to contribute to innovation within Sansiri’s growing Community.

The project is now a couple of years old, and we hope, will remain for long! 


The Tools 

You probably understood that we try to inspire people around us with our Values and our Coop System, but we are also developing concrete Products & Services to enable our Vision to happen and to help anyone inspired to contribute!

We build solutions for growing Thai communities & inspiring foreigners, which are tied together for the creation of a multicultural, innovative, and sustainable society.