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Our work always aims to be an expression of the universal connectedness of all things, and we aim to develop our own consciousness to experience, understand and embody this principle.


We aim to express compassion for all beings – humans as well as animals and plants etc.

True Progress

True progress is the movement towards the happiness and wellbeing of all – it is deeply connected to spirituality, although it does have some more mundane manifestations as well.

The importance of spirituality

It is personal spiritual development that drives people to be more compassionate, and wise and allows us to resolve our problems in better ways.  Personal spiritual development is integral to the creation of a better society.

Spiritual Science

There is no reason for spirituality to be divorced from science.  It is possible to use scientific methods to study spirituality…

Beset by anxiety and stress, growing wealth disparity, environmental destruction and various other forms of socio-economic oppression, injustice and exploitation, we desperately need a people-motivated rather than profit-motivated economic paradigm to lead us into a prosperous and sustainable future. We need another way to do business that is environmentally friendly, socially responsible and focussed on the welfare of all. SProUT believes this new model already exists in the form of cooperatives and that the transition from corporation to cooperation is already in motion, with cooperatives shaping up to be the primary business model of the future.

Cooperatives are owned and run by their members, combining their wealth and resources in a united way, each member contributing directly to the operation and decision-making process of the cooperative and sharing in the returns of the cooperative based on their…

Democracy is a mere illusion in an age of corporate-controlled politics where funding for electoral campaigns (and hence the result of those campaigns) is hedged by corporate interests and leaders are elected not on the basis of the quality of their character but on the public image and rhetoric they manage to convey through the media. The combative two-party system translates into little more than double the corruption.

But it does not have to be that way. We can work together to design solutions that benefit all people, beings and the planet, uniting as one human family to create an equitable society for the welfare and happiness of all.

This will require a new type of leader and a new type of leadership. Benevolent leadership must be backed by benevolent intention. Hence the importance of leaders who consider the welfare of all as at least as important as…

We call this the age of enlightenment because of the great steps we have taken towards a scientific understanding of the universe, and yet in embracing science in all areas of life we have discarded much of the important spiritual wisdom of the past.

Imagine if all the power of science could be applied to the workings of our consciousness and the metaphysical nature of the universe — if we had a rational and scientific system of experiencing love, happiness, wisdom and the enlightenment that comes from higher states of consciousness.

In fact, a scientific approach to spirituality is essential for the fulfilment of our deepest desire — that of infinite love, happiness or what in yoga is known as bliss. This includes, at the same, taking care of our physical and mental requirements. So a rational and scientific approach to…

Imagine a world of oneness and unity

Imagine permaculture farms in harmony with nature

people living in community and connection

artistic expressions of joy and connection

strong local cultures that celebrate the human spirit

deep uniting spiritual education for all

each person expressing their full potential and living in joy


It seems a big mission, but every aspect of this dream already exists somewhere – we at sprout think that if we can support all of the great uniting, harmonious work being done in the world then we can together build this world of oneness and harmony of which we…

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The Earthworker cooperative are doing some great work in victoria creating cooperatives.  Check them out at
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