More than a community

The Thai
Sprout Program

We are connecting business professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds by providing platforms, tools, and resources to succeed in a global marketplace.

Members can collaborate, share resources, and communicate through messaging and online forums. Our platform is dedicated to promoting business diversity, equity, and inclusion, and encourages intercultural dialogue and networking.

The Thai Sprout Program aims to bring together talents, digital technology systems, and methodology for a 360° approach to Thailand’s digital and socio-economic transformation.

Smart Community

The Sprout Community is a communications and technology platform fostering cooperative collaboration among individuals and businesses, focussing on social entrepreneurship.

Digital Payments

The blood in our veins is our ThaiSprout Coin (THSP) and the related financial services. Our members can access and use their digital assets instantaneously to pay, remit, or exchange.

Omnichannel Coop

The Sprout Community is also a social marketplace, a channel for Thai SMEs to showcase their products and services, and to share their knowledge and expertise.

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The Sprout Community is innovating and relentlessly improving our services to our members. Through collaboration with our business partners, we stay at the forefront of the microservices industry and provide our members with the tools they need for success.​

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Sustainable Economy

The Sprout Community promotes a sustainable economy that focuses on moderation, performance, and usability in all sectors. We leverage blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent platform for members, ensuring resistance to fraud and hacking.

Our platform is user-friendly and accessible to all, committed to creating a brighter future for all, by embracing sustainability principles.

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Coop Business Model

Our omnichannel social marketplace provides new distribution channels for Thai SMEs, showcasing their products and services. The platform is community-driven and designed to empower members to share their knowledge and expertise.

It utilizes cutting-edge technology to help startups and entrepreneurs succeed, providing a supportive and collaborative environment. The goal is to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers while creating a sustainable and innovative future for all.

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About Us is showcasing the ThaiSprout Program (TSP), an initiative of Social Enterprises:
– IMT Group Co, Ltd
– InterTaG Co., Ltd
– Sprout Cooperative (in formation)
– Sprout T77 Community

The ThaiSprout Program embraces the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy, inspired by the vision of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) of Thailand, continued under His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn (Rama X). Our mission is to promote self-sustainability, moderation, and resilience in every aspect of life, empowering individuals, communities, and businesses to achieve balance, happiness, and long-term success.